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The Benefits of Frozen Food

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The Benefits of Frozen Food

The Benefits of Frozen Food
Frozen food is preferred these days because of its unique ability to stay fresh for a longer period of time. The technique of storing food at low temperatures has been used for many years to preserve different products, like grains.

The use of halal frozen food can also be seen at a greater rate where different meat items are offered to customers. Such frozen food available in the market facilitates easier cooking at any time that is convenient for you.

Frozen food overview

Frozen food is preferred by most people due to its enhanced availability and flexibility of use, providing a promising and satisfactory outcome. Moreover, it helps obtain better quality meat that can be consumed easily per your needs and requirements.

Halal frozen food has become one of the most used products as such processed items can reduce the risks concerning pathogens. The availability of multiple food types has resulted in frozen foods’ increased popularity.

Top benefits of frozen food

The increased use of frozen food in recent times has made it a part of the diet of many people. Experts have given various reasons to explain why frozen food is good for consumption. Frozen, ready-made consumption items are one of the easiest ways to prepare food and have better taste and quality.

The important benefits of frozen food are the following:

1. Flexibility

Frozen food is offered to people through online delivery systems, making it easier to order as per your desired needs. It is a straightforward method mainly focused on customers’ requirements. This increased flexibility enables ordering and consumption at any time and from any location.

2. Enhanced quality

Frozen food quality is highly important as it is preserved through enhanced safety measures. Contrary to the popular belief that fresh food is better, frozen food is actually made with enhanced quality and nutritional value. Freezing food is considered nature’s method of preserving and storing food without it decaying.

3. Convenience

The increase in workload due to cleaning, chopping, and so on in the cooking process can be reduced through the use of frozen food. It is one of the most convenient methods incorporated for faster and more effective cooking of diverse food items. Any dish can be made as per your choice due to its enhanced convenience. 

4. Cost-effective

In comparison to fresh food, frozen food consisting of meat, fish, and more is available at reasonable and affordable prices. It is preferred highly as it is healthy and cheaper than fresh food. In fact, frozen food is more economical, according to research by researchers and experts.

5. Freshness of food

Frozen food is highly fresh as the freezing process is done quickly and efficiently without affecting the quality or freshness. The freshness of food is maintained throughout the storing phase, where the temperature is fixed as per the nature of the food.

6. Ready-made availability

The frozen food which is kept ready beforehand can be used whenever required without any other difficulty. Such ready-made availability of frozen food has helped in better consumption of food items as per your taste and interest.

7. Reduction in food waste

Frozen food, which is bought from the market, consists of 100% edible items, resulting in no food waste. It can be seen that in houses where only one or two people are living, it is better to rely on frozen food to reduce wastage.

In a Nutshell

Frozen food is considered a great, convenient, and affordable alternative to fresh food. For example, the vegetables and fruits available through frozen food have a high nutritional value as they are preserved with the utmost care.

Moreover, frozen food is highly nutritious and available in diverse flavours, facilitating healthier and more efficient options.

EB Frozen Food, a halal frozen food supplier in Malaysia, offers a great variety of halal frozen food that provides better cooking choices and greater convenience, enabling busy working adults and families to still enjoy good nutrients while cutting down on meal preparation time.
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What Do Chinese Eat for Chinese New Year?

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What Do Chinese Eat for Chinese New Year?

Chinese New Year meal
The annual Chinese New Year celebrations begin with a big family reunion dinner where everyone gathers to spend time together and share their wishes for joy, health, and prosperity in the coming year. It is considered the biggest celebration for the Chinese.

At the reunion table, each of the foods has a special significance. In this post, we are pleased to list the top Chinese New Year dishes eaten at the reunion dinner and why they are preferred in Chinese New Year celebrations. Read on to find out!

1. Whole Fish

whole fish
Many Chinese are familiar with the term “to have abundance every year” (年年有余). Chinese households like to offer fish as a sign of abundance during the Chinese New Year since the word “fish” in Mandarin has the same pronunciation as the word “abundance”.

Another custom is to offer a whole fish that still has its head and tail on because they symbolize the start and finish. The phrase means that one must be disciplined and complete all tasks that they begin. As long as the fish is served whole, it can be steamed or fried.

2. Spring Rolls

These handheld spring rolls, which are particularly well-liked in Eastern China for the Lunar New Year, represent wealth. Spring rolls are a Cantonese delicacy that are loaded with meat or just veggies, and wrapped in thin dough that is fried to golden brown.

The Chinese proverb “a tonne of gold” is commonly used to wish for wealth while eating spring rolls, since they resemble gold bars.
spring rolls

3. Tang Yuan

tang yuan
The Chinese New Year celebration officially comes to an end on the fifteenth day of the month. On this day, people hang lanterns, watch lion dances, and eat both sweet and savoury tang yuan.

This Chinese delicacy is made of balls of glutinous rice flour that are filled with black sesame, red bean, or peanut paste and then served in hot broth or syrup.

It is a good idea to try out the shrimp tang yuan this year instead of the more typical sweet tang yuan.

4. Hot Pot/Steamboat

Chinese families typically gather for a steamboat dinner on the eve of the Chinese New Year.

This is because the steamboat pot, which is often spherical in shape, symbolizes a family “reunion.” (a symbol of one). Eating steamboat is a family custom that promotes harmony and happiness.

This Chinese New Year, explore a great variety of audacious EB Food Hot Pot series, including seafood bean curd rolls, crab nuggets, Steamboat 5-in-1, and many more.
DIY hot pot

5. Longevity Noodles

longetivity noodles
Longevity noodles, sometimes referred to as “Yi Mien,” are a popular noodle dish served for special occasions like Chinese New Year and birthdays. This audacious noodle dish is for wishes of abundance and luck.

The noodles should be eaten whole, without being cut. It is believed that a person will live longer if their noodles are eaten while still intact. The practice actually originated from the Han Chinese belief that people with long faces usually live longer.

6. Dumplings

According to Chinese legends, the more dumplings you consume at Chinese New Year, the more money you will be able to earn in the upcoming year. Chinese believe that eating dumplings on the special day brings in the new and gets rid of the old.

The form of dumplings is based on the Chinese silver ingot, a type of money resembling the shape of a wonton used in imperial China. Make sure the dumplings have lots of pleats since they represent wealth.

Check out EB Food Dim Sum series for many more choices.
mushroom shrimp wonton.jpg

7. Nian Gao

nian gao
Sticky rice, sugar, chestnuts, dates, and lotus leaves are used to make the traditional glutinous rice cakes called Nian Gao. “Getting higher year after year” is a saying that goes with eating Nian Gao. It means that life is getting better all around.

In the Chinese language, the word “nian gao” means “rising higher year after year,” signifying growth and auspiciousness.

Final Takeaways

EB Frozen Food wishes you and your family an auspicious and prosperous Chinese New Year! May both wealth and luck follow you.

EB Frozen Food, a popular household name for frozen dim sum, steamboat frozen food supplier, and frozen shrimp products, manufactures and supplies halal certified food products across Malaysia.

For a yummylicious Chinese New Year reunion dinner or holiday gathering, feel free to explore our different food series. Gong Xi Fa Cai!
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Easy Christmas Party Food Ideas For The Festive Season

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What To Eat With Cheese Sticks? Quick And Easy Finger Food

easy christmas meal
Christmas is just around the corner. Are you thinking of throwing a Christmas party and inviting your friends and family? When it comes to hosting a Christmas party, the first things that come to mind are decoration, music, games, and, most importantly, food.

No Christmas party is complete without yummylicious food that can delight your guests.

In this post, we are pleased to have compiled a list of easy Christmas party food ideas that are sure to please your guests and save you time and effort at the same time.

Read on to find out.

Popcorn Chicken Waffle

Popcorn Chicken Waffles can be prepared in a short time and taste just as amazing as any of your other favourite foods.

Because of their small size and crisp texture, they are commonly referred to as “popcorn.” This chicken snack is created using fresh ingredients and may be frozen for convenience.

When added on top of the waffle, the combination makes a perfect and fulfilling party food.

Cheese Fingers

EB cheese fingers are incredibly yummy and easy to prepare. It works wonderfully as an appetizer for parties. The cheese filling on the inside will melt in your mouth, leaving all your guests wanting for more.

Thanks to the protein that comes with EB cheese fingers, eating them will give your guests more energy. This easy Christmas party food idea is great for both adults and kids.

Baked Mac'N Cheese Fingers

The EB Baked Mac’N Cheese Fingers are deliciously cheesy, simple to prepare, and fun to eat. They are the ideal starters or snacks. Baked Mac ‘N Cheese Fingers let you nibble in style since they are packed with cheesy, creamy goodness on the inside.

It is an excellent appetizer that can be prepared in advance for any Christmas gathering.

Fish Chip Fillet with Pesto Sauce

The crispiness and delectable flavour of EB Fish Chip Fillets come from the excellent fish meat and breadcrumbs. You can choose to fry it in oil, bake it in the oven, or barbecue it. 

It has a perfect golden colour and a crispy texture, and it is packed with soft bits of salmon filling and protein. A flavorful and reviving meal option for a Christmas party, this dish is even better when coated in the pesto sauce. 

Fish Patty Burger

The quality fish fillet used in the EB Burger fish patty is breaded and fried in a traditional golden-brown batter. Fish is an excellent source of protein, vitamin D, and omega-3 fatty acids. 

EB fish patties are scrumptious and easy to cook. It is widely regarded as one of the most popular foods to serve at Christmas parties.

Crispy Battered Fried Shrimps Sandwich

Vannamei shrimp are used in the EB Crispy Battered Fried Shrimps Sandwich, which is coated in a custom-made batter. It’s incredibly crispy, springy, and flavorful—the ideal sandwich stuffing.

Sandwiches have always been a must-have for Christmas parties. Serving beef or chicken burgers is the norm. So why not add Crispy Battered Fried Shrimp Sandwiches to your Christmas party menu this year? It is not only yummy but also protein-rich.

In a Nutshell

To create a cozy Christmas party atmosphere, you need decoration, music, and gifts. Moreover, the food served at a Christmas party plays an important role in keeping your guests full, happy, and satisfied.

We hope the easy Christmas party food ideas listed above are useful for the coming Christmas. To get your supply of these food ideas, look for EB Frozen Food products at your nearest grocery stores.

Other mouth-watering EB Frozen Food products include frozen western food, frozen shrimp products, frozen chicken snacks, and many more.
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What To Eat With Cheese Sticks? Quick And Easy Finger Food

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What To Eat With Cheese Sticks? Quick And Easy Finger Food

cheese stick

What is Cheese Stick?

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Cheese stick are one of the most popular and tasty kinds of cheese snacks. People of all ages love cheese sticks because the outside is made of crunchy bread crumbs and the inside is filled with gooey cheese.

Do you know EB cheese stick are made from real cheese and coated with crispy golden breading? The crunchy exterior and gooey cheese stuffing within make for a fantastic bite.
It works wonderfully as a snack or a party appetizer. This yummylicious snack can be fried or baked in minutes with minimal hassle.

Even though EB cheese sticks are tasty on their own, they will be tastier when combined with another dish to make a balanced diet meal. When it comes to what you can eat with EB cheese sticks, the sky is the limit. Keep reading to find out!

Food to Eat with Cheese Stick

Stir fry with cheese stick


Stir-fries are known for being easy to cook and popular with many people. They usually include a wide variety of vegetables.

To prepare it, simply toss the vegetables into a frying pan or wok and sauté for a few minutes. You will have a lunch or dinner that is rich in a variety of flavours if you serve your stir-fried vegetables with some EB cheese sticks as a complement.

Grilled Chicken

Grilled chicken, one of the most popular dishes, is a delicious complement to EB cheese sticks. Once you taste them, you will realize that the cheese in the sticks is well complemented by the tender and juicy chicken.

EB cheese sticks go best with grilled chicken breast, wings, or drumsticks.
Grilled chicken with cheese stick
Fried fish filet with cheese stick

Fish and Chips

EB cheese sticks can make fish and chips taste even better than they already do.

The EB cheese sticks, which have a golden and crispy coating, go well with crispy fish fillets and fries. Moreover, EB cheese sticks can be eaten alongside tartar sauce, the most popular sauce for fish and chips.

Grilled or Baked Fish

Grilled or baked fish is another option for a side dish that pairs well with EB cheese sticks. You will never run out of options because there are so many different kinds of fish that, when grilled or baked, produce a flavorful and satisfying aroma.

You can prepare any kind of fish, from salmon to tuna, by grilling or baking it to go along with your favourite EB cheese sticks.
grilled fish fillet with cheese stick
Steak with cheese stick


Potatoes are one of the most popular side dishes that are served alongside steaks. Nevertheless, the combination can become boring after a while. To shake things up, enjoy your steak with some EB cheese sticks for dinner.

You could also pair the steak with EB cheese sticks and serve them with roasted, baked, boiled, or fried potatoes.

Caesar Salad

A Caesar salad that’s served with EB cheese sticks makes for an excellent choice for either lunch or dinner.

You may serve EB cheese sticks alongside a traditional Caesar salad or one of its many variants, such as chicken Caesar salad, bacon Caesar salad, or shrimp Caesar salad.

Not in a mood for salad? No problem, you can instead prepare the dressing for the Caesar salad and use it as a dipping sauce for EB cheese sticks.
ceasar salad with cheese stick
Egg with cheese stick


Yes, you can have EB cheese sticks with eggs for lunch or even breakfast. Feel free to prepare the eggs of your choice, be they fried eggs, scrambled eggs, an omelette, or eggs benedict.

To make it even more appetizing, add in a handful of mixed greens, tomatoes, fried bacon, and more.

In a Nutshell

As one of the most popular finger foods, EB cheese sticks are highly versatile when it comes to pairing with other dishes. Are you a vegan? Go for Caesar salad + EB cheese sticks. Are you an egg lover? Go for eggs + EB cheese sticks. Are you a chicken lover? Go for grilled chicken + EB cheese sticks. Additionally, the pre-fried crispy and flavourful EB cheese sticks are easy to cook and completely hassle-free.

To enjoy the mouth-watering EB cheese sticks, simply deep fry them at 160 °C for one minute and 45 seconds. You could also air fry EB cheese sticks by preheating them to 200 °C for five minutes. Next, brush oil on the cheese stick and air fry again for another four minutes.

Bon Appétit!
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Myths About Frozen Foods You Should Stop Believing

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Myths About Frozen Foods You Should Stop Believing

frozen food in fridge
While the freezer is known for storing some of our favourite delicious treats, it’s also a terrific place to store nutritious meals and snacks to defrost and enjoy at any time.

Many people consider frozen foods to have a lot of preservatives, salt, and fat. This is just not true. In this post, we have listed some of the most popular myths and misconceptions about frozen food.

Now, let’s bust some myths!

Myth 1: Fresh foods are better for you than frozen ones

It is not true that fresh foods are better than frozen ones. This is because fresh food also needs to be packaged, shipped, and stored. It may take days or even more than a week from when it is first packaged to cooked.

During this period of time, the food loses nutrients. On the contrary, frozen food is flash-frozen when it is at its most nutritious peak. This keeps all of the nutrients in the food.

Myth 2: All frozen food has a lot of sodium

Many of us would agree with this. After all, many frozen foods weren’t the ideal representation of healthy meals a decade or more ago.

But today, food producers have successfully developed food products that satisfy the needs of health-conscious consumers.

In other words, they are producing a large number of low-calorie, low-sodium frozen foods that are rich in veggies, whole grains, and lean proteins.

Myth 3: Eggs cannot be frozen

It is true that shell eggs cannot be frozen. The shell is likely to crack as the egg swells when frozen. When it thaws, you’ll be left with quite a mess.

However, you don’t have to freeze your eggs in their shells. If you bought too many or your backyard hen produced too many for your family, crack the eggs and combine the yolk and whites. They can then be frozen for later use.

Myth 4: Frozen food costs more money

When compared to food delivery or takeout, packaged freezer food is often a lot cheaper. This is because a delivery fee is often required for food delivery.

Moreover, most restaurants’ food prices are the same for both dine-in and takeout. Thus, ordering takeout will definitely cost more when compared with packaged freezer food.

Myth 5: Freezing helps to prevent bacteria from growing

Even though the temperatures are lower, frozen food might still contain bacteria. When storing food in the freezer, remember that food safety concerns still apply.

Wash your hands, use clean surfaces, and avoid cross-contamination to keep your food safe now and in the future.

Furthermore, frozen food should be thawed in the fridge instead of on the counter or in the sink so that bacteria doesn’t grow after thawing.

Myth 6: Frozen food expires

You shouldn’t be surprised to see frozen maize or strawberries from your last holidays in your parents’ freezer. Food can be stored eternally as long as it is kept at 0°F or lower the entire time.

However, because most people aren’t great at properly keeping food in the freezer, there is a window of time when food is at its best.

Myth 7: All frozen food is highly processed

This may have been true once upon a time. Frozen food that is near to its natural state is now easily available in the frozen area in almost all grocery stores.

The truth is many food companies have found ways to freeze their food products without using those unnecessary ingredients such as sodium.

In fact, freezing is an excellent preservation technique that retains the nutrients in the food.

Myth 8: Food can be frozen immediately after purchasing

Most foods, believe it or not, benefit from good storage procedures before they go into the freezer.

For example, if you intend to freeze vegetables, blanch them beforehand to avoid freezing watery veggies, which can result in freezer burn or sogginess when thawed.

When it comes to meat, the best course of action is to remove it from its original packaging and store it in a freezer-safe bag. This prevents bacteria from growing in the original plastic packaging.

In a Nutshell

Now that you know the truth about the frozen food myths, are you excited to check out your favourite frozen food such as frozen dim sum and halal frozen finger food in the frozen food section on your next grocery store trip?

Remember to read the labels, store your food properly, and enjoy your thawed-out meals with family and friends.
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Easy Prawn Ball Recipe with Smashed Prawn Paste + Bonus Recipe

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(Personal Experience) Easy Prawn Ball Recipe with Smashed Prawn Paste + Bonus Recipe

For many people, the memory of their favourite foods dates back to childhood. I am no exception, and when I think of the most delicious and memorable dishes, I always think of the wonderful Prawn Paste and Cucumber my grandmother made when I was a child.

I was introduced to this dish when I stayed at my grandparents’ house years ago.

The combination of prawn paste and cucumber is the best. These days, I usually eat this dish as a side dish with rice. I love making this dish when my family visits, as they love it so much.
Small Leaf Prawn Paste

A Great Alternative - MY Daun Prawn Paste

Many of us love spending time in the kitchen and cooking for our beloved family. But there are times when it’s too rushed and we really need the dish to be ready in as little as 10 minutes.

And that’s why I love MY Daun Prawn Paste (Small Leaf), an easy and quick alternative to my favourite prawn dishes. My Daun Prawn Paste is made from large chunks of fresh and fine prawns.

Each bite creates a smooth, slightly springy texture that retains the flavor of the prawn.

It can be a stand-alone dish, a complement to ingredients, or blended into a varied dish. For me, I always love incorporating this dish into my home-cooked meals

All in All

My Daun Prawn Paste is highly recommended for busy mothers or even working adults who want to enjoy the wonder of prawn dishes but don’t have time to prepare from scratch.

Lastly, MY Daun Prawn Paste does not require thawing! This means you can just steam it straight from the fridge and enjoy this wonderful prawn dish in just 10 minutes. Enjoy the yummy, nutritious, and easy-to-prepare MY Daun Prawn Paste, only from EB Frozen Food!
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Is It Better to Buy Fresh or Frozen Seafood?

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Is It Better to Buy Fresh or Frozen Seafood?

Is It Better to Buy Fresh or Frozen Seafood?
Although it may appear that fresh seafood is a healthier option than frozen, the fact is that both fresh and frozen seafood can be healthy options if stored and prepared properly.

The freshness of the seafood, which is affected by how fast it was frozen, can affect its taste and texture, among other things.

Due to modern freezing processes, the quality of the seafood in the freezer area is superior to that in the cases adjacent to it.

This is due to the fact that most seafood is now frozen straight on the boat, only minutes after being caught, in flash-freezing devices that maintain temperatures well below the average home freezer. Farm-raised fish is also frozen on-site, as freezers are built inside the farm.

There are several advantages to purchasing frozen seafood, including taste, convenience, and cost.

Because the seafood is frozen at its peak of freshness, all of its flavour, nutrients, and texture are preserved. And it makes no difference whether the fish is fatty or lean, thick steaks or thin fillets, as long as it is properly frozen.

For example, these frozen seafood products from EB Frozen Food: Alaska Pollock Fillet, Alaska Pollock Finger, and Crispy Battered Fried Shrimp, always have their nutrients locked in, unlike fresh produce that loses some nutrients during storage over time.

In fact, the nutritious content of frozen shrimp products is the same as or even higher than that of fresh seafood. In general, the mineral composition stays the same as in fresh meals.

Why is frozen seafood better than fresh seafood?

1. Convenience

Nothing tops frozen seafood products in terms of convenience. Assume you’ve had a busy day, you haven’t planned dinner, and you need to make something quickly.

Those well-packaged frozen Alaska pollock fillets in your freezer could come in very handy at such times. They defrost quickly and can be used as an ingredient in any other meal.

2. Longer Shelf Life

The majority of seafood is frozen using flash-freezing technology shortly after being caught. This process preserves the seafood well, allowing it to survive considerably longer than fresh seafood.

Fresh seafood may be stored in the refrigerator for about 2 days, while frozen fish can be kept for up to 6 months.

For instance, frozen seafood makes it possible for you to enjoy wonderful fish from all over the world and at any time of year, allowing you to eat summer or winter fish anytime you wish.

3. Consistent Quality

As long as the seafood is frozen quickly using appropriate methods, the freshness of the seafood is frozen in time. 

The quality of the seafood is not adversely affected and is equivalent to that of fresh seafood. Freezing the seafood keeps its quality and the majority of its nutritional value.

Fresh seafood is also more difficult to handle and transport, and it is more prone to bacterial infection.

Frozen seafood, on the other hand, is easier to transport safely as long as it is kept cold enough, and you can be sure that its quality won’t change from the boat to your plate.

4. More Economical

Frozen shrimp and other seafood products are often less expensive than fresh seafood since fresh seafood is more time-sensitive and requires faster transit methods to market. Fresh fish in season is likewise more expensive since supplies are limited.

As a result, frozen fish can be an excellent alternative if you want to buy in bulk or save money. Frozen fish is also less wasteful for home cooks since you can simply thaw out what you need from the freezer while cooking.

In a Nutshell

Overall, the differences between fresh and frozen seafood are minimal—it all comes down to personal choice (and the requirement for convenience!). The ease of cooking seafood from frozen is evident, whether you’re baking EB Food Alaska Pollock Fingers or microwaving EB Food Crispy Battered Fried Shrimp.

We understand the importance of spending time with family, which is why our handy frozen seafood makes mealtimes a breeze. Ensure that you get your seafood from EB Frozen Food, your trusted halal frozen food supplier in Malaysia.

EB Frozen also has other mouth-watering frozen products such as frozen western food, frozen shrimp products, halal frozen dim sum, and many more.
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Bean Curd Skin (Fuchuk / Fuzhuk) Dessert Recipe Idea

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Bean Curd Skin (Fuchuk / Fuzhuk) Dessert Recipe Idea

fuchuk sweet soup

What is Bean Curd Skin (Fuchuk / Fuzhuk)?

Tofu skin, also known as beancurd skin, beancurd sheet, or beancurd robes, is a soybean-based culinary product.

When boiling soy milk in an open shallow pan, a film or skin forms on the liquid surface, made mostly of a soy protein-lipid combination. The films are gathered and dried into fuchuk / fuzhuk, which looks like yellowish sheets.

Tofu skin is not technically tofu because it is not made with a coagulant; yet, it has a texture and flavour that is similar to certain tofu products.

In the sixteenth century, people in China, Korea, and Japan started to consume fuchuk / fuzhuk. Today, it’s commonly used in Chinese, Korean, and Japanese cuisine, whether fresh, fermented, or dried.

Types of Bean Curd Skin (Fuchuk / Fuzhuk)

1. Dried Fuchuk / Fuzhuk Sticks

Bunching the fuchuk / fuzhuk produces dried tofu skin in the form of a stick, known as Yuba. Yuba is frequently used as a meat substitute (particularly chicken), which is why it’s also referred to as tofu chicken.

Tofu sticks, like dry fuchuk sheets, must be rehydrated before cooking. One popular method of preparing tofu sticks is to cut them into bite-size pieces after rehydrating and braising in sauce.

This allows them to absorb the flavours of the spices and seasonings in the sauce—a similar process in which real tofu absorbs the flavours of the ingredients it comes into contact with during cooking.

2. Yuba

Like tofu, Yuba is also made from soybeans. A film forms on the surface of soy milk as it boils.

Fresh Yuba resembles thinly sliced tofu, but due to the aggregation of soy proteins that make up this unique ingredient, it is denser and has a bouncy ball quality.

The congealed top of simmering soy milk is traditionally plucked off with a long, big stick and hung to dry to form Yuba.

This could happen several times in a single vat of heating soy milk, a byproduct of tofu production. And that’s the reason why it is called ‘tofu skin’.

3. Fresh Tofu Skin

fresh tofu skin

Most often than not, fresh tofu skin is available frozen. It can usually be bought from a vegetarian food shop.

Fresh tofu skin is perfect for those who wish to explore other protein sources other than meat.

Preparation is simple and straightforward. There is no need to rehydrate. Simply chop and cook.

Here’s the simplest way to make and eat it.

Fuchuk / Fuzhuk Dessert Recipe

Ring Roll-8pcs
EB Ring Roll
Seafood Bean Curd Roll-300g
Seafood Bean Curd Roll
Fish Bean Curd Roll-300g
Fish Bean Curd Roll
Fish Yuba-300g
Fish and Yuba
Seaweed Yuba-380g
Seaweed Yuba
Fish Roe Soy Pre-cut-500g
Fish Roe and Soy (Pre-cut)
Fried Bean Curd Sheet
Fried Bean Curd Sheet
Kyoto Yuba 110gm
Kyoto Yuba
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Ways to Cook Shrimp Wonton

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Ways to Cook Shrimp Wonton

mushroom shrimp wonton.jpg
Shrimp wonton can be prepared in a variety of ways. Boiling and steaming are two of the most common methods. You can start preparing the shrimp wonton once you have all of the ingredients ready.

If you prefer not to spend your time cleaning out fresh shrimp and start everything from zero, you could get your fresh frozen shrimp products from EB Frozen Food, your favourite dim sum supplier in Malaysia. This way you can save time in cooking the delicious shrimp wonton.

Cooking your own wonton doesn’t have to be troublesome. Follow the methods below and have them ready in 10 minutes!

Let’s get started.

EB Shrimp Wonton

The first step for cooking a delicious shrimp wonton is to get EB Shrimp Wontons from a reliable dim sum supplier or local supermarket in Malaysia. EB frozen shrimp wontons can make cooking a lot easier.

The ingredients are chosen carefully to ensure that the taste of the shrimp wontons remains until they are cooked.

EB Frozen Food offers two varieties of shrimp wontons: Shrimp Wonton with Mushroom Seasoning and Shrimp Wonton with Mala Sauce.

These shrimp wontons come with a unique taste that lingers in your mouth long after eating the last piece, making you want more.

Play Video
Shrimp Wonton

Shrimp Wonton with Mushroom Seasoning

This variation of shrimp wonton comes with mushroom seasoning. It is filled with juicy whole shrimps and wrapped in wonton skin. The package comes with a deliciously made mushroom seasoning that guarantees extra flavour.
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Shrimp Wonton Mala

Shrimp Wonton with Mala Sauce

This variation of shrimp wontons comes with spicy mala sauce in its packaging. It is also made with juicy whole shrimp and wrapped in premium wonton skin.

This shrimp wonton is a winner among spicy food lovers. The mala sauce is hot enough to produce a numbing sensation.

Do you dare to try it? Give it a try and you will love it!

Ways to Enjoy These Shrimp Wontons

There are several ways to enjoy the Shrimp Wonton with Mushroom Seasoning and the Shrimp Wonton with Mala Sauce.

You can choose to boil it and serve it with your favourite sauce.

In a Nutshell

These are the most common ways to prepare shrimp wontons. 

Give fresh frozen shrimp products such as EB Shrimp Wonton Mala and EB Shrimp Wonton with Mushroom Seasoning a try, and you will fall in love with them. 

Preparation is simple and straightforward. Just follow the aforementioned methods.   

Everything can be ready in less than 10 minutes. Enjoy!

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10 Tips to Get Your Kitchen Prepared for Ramadan

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10 Tips to Get Your Kitchen Prepared for Ramadan

2 muslim girls preparing food

Muslims look forward to Ramadan because it is a time when they strive to do more ibadah and good deeds.

Except for those who know how to make their kitchens so that making Iftar is easy for them, every day in Ramadan can be hard for Muslim women due to the amount of work they have.

Keeping high spirituality and Ibadah on track while working full-time as housewives and mothers, caring for children and household chores, and preparing meals for the family to enjoy breaking the fast together can be difficult during this season.

At the end of the day, Muslim wives find themselves in the kitchen, preparing Iftar, deserts, and drinks and snacks for the children.

We’ll share ten tips for preparing your kitchen for Ramadan in this post so you can have the time to concentrate on other aspects of the season.

1. The Basics

Clean your kitchen and refrigerator thoroughly, getting rid of everything that you don’t need to make room for the months’ worth of food.

Prepare various ingredients for meals throughout the week so that you only have to complete the final steps of combining the ingredients each day.

For instance, prepare a sufficient supply of onions, garlic, and tomato sauce in the refrigerator; wash and season the halal frozen chicken and meat product; make some hibiscus-flavoured beverages and store them in the refrigerator.

2. Prepare a Grocery List

Make a list of everything you’ll need for the month and buy everything in one or two trips. For example, if you’ll cook some halal frozen food, frozen halal dim sum series, etc. write them down.

Don’t overspend and try to be as cost-effective as possible.

3. Shop (online) in Large Quantities

Don’t go overboard with this. For instance, only buy fruits and vegetables when they’re needed to avoid spoilage.

Halal frozen chicken products, rice, pasta, (pita) bread, oil, and spices are all items that you should stock up on.

Make a list of the different kinds of meat you’ll need for each meal, as well as the quantities of each. Freeze and label everything once you’ve purchased it.

Also, shopping online and having food items delivered to your home will save you time and stress. You can buy everything online from halal dim sum dishes to halal frozen chicken products.

4. Prioritize Your Tasks

Start with the most basic tasks and work your way down to the ones that are less important to you.

5. Establish a Checklist

Put both basic and extracurricular activities on this list. This will serve as both a reminder and an alert if you have too many or too few tasks on your list.

6. Make a Plan Ahead of Time for the Meals you Want to Prepare

Make a schedule for each meal and stick to it. To avoid having to hunt for specific ingredients, keep them in cupboards and on shelves that are easy to reach.

Prepare some dishes ahead of time and freeze them if you’re going to have them more than once. This saves time, allowing you to spend more time worshiping.

7. Make Advance Arrangements for Family Visits

If you don’t plan ahead, inviting friends to Iftar can be a lot of work. Prepare quick and easy meals like the frozen halal dim sum dishes. If possible, prepare some or all of the foods a day ahead of time for the visit.

If possible, have someone assist you with food preparation, lifting, and dishwashing, and if you have children, encourage them to assist you.

8. Make Use of Any Leftovers You May Have

Never throw food away; instead, try to repurpose leftovers or give them to the less fortunate.

In order to discipline one’s food intake, the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) would break his fast with dates, milk, and a light meal.

Simplify your diet. Drink soup, and for dessert, eat fruit. It’s better for your health and cuts down on time spent in the kitchen.

9. Clean the Kitchen As You Cook

Clean while you cook to avoid a mess after you leave the kitchen during Ramadan. This month’s most significant element is time.

10. Appointments and Visits Should be Scheduled

If at all possible, avoid unnecessary outings and set specific times. Make it clear to your family and friends that Ramadan is a special time for you, and that you would prefer to devote more time to prayers and related activities than to going out.

All in All

Make sure you’re getting enough nutrients in your diet. Healthy eating will provide you with the energy you need to work, pray, and perform your other responsibilities.

As much as possible, avoid eating junk food and foods high in fats; this type of diet will make you sleepy and lazy and pose a health risk.

It’s also vital to get some rest. For you to be able to complete the month at the same pace, you’ll need enough sleep hours.

That’s the 10 tips that can help to ease your work in preparing your kitchen for Ramadan.

We from EB Food wish you a happy Ramadan!