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EB Group Annual Dinner 2024

Eb Annual Dinner 2024

Annual dinner is the most significant event which marks the close of a year of activities and the beginning of a new one. 

EB Group extended its heartfelt thanks to all staff for their valuable contributions, honoured at a grand banquet attended by thousands. On the evening of February 3rd 2024, the EB Group Annual Dinner held at the Ng Yam Huat Hall in Bukit Mertajam was a resounding success.

Mr Ang Chin Hooi, the Chairman & Founder of EB Group

The Chairman & Founder of EB Group, Mr Ang Chin Hooi officiated the dinner by giving a memorable speech and announcing his upcoming commitment to the Group.

“EB Group is ramping up for an IPO, which will facilitate greater and rapid global growth, as well as expansion into new markets”. Ang addressed. 

Currently, EB Group is accelerating its pace for IPO preparation, optimizing its current production line, and moving towards diversifying its business expansion beyond frozen products.

Ms Chris Ooi

Ms Chris Ooi, the CEO of EB Group

2024 signifies the 29th anniversary of EB Group’s establishment. The annual dinner marks the first grand event held by EB Group after enduring the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s also the first magnificent reunion of employees over the past three years. The reunion is always touching, reflecting on the challenges that everyone has gone through; however, perseverance has led them to where they are today. Ms Chris Ooi thanks all the hardwork and dedication of the team throughout the journey.

“EB group owes its success to a group of talented and passionate people. We have finally achieved what many thought was impossible because of each and every one of you,” Chris said.

In the highlight of her speech, Chris shared the exciting news of the company’s future endeavors. 

“As a young and progressive company, we are working toward transforming our business model to FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods), expanding from the Frozen Food industry to Chill RTE meals, beverages, and more, to meet evolving consumer preferences and lifestyles,” she remarked.

EB Group has a vision to become the FMCG industry leader in the Asia Pacific region. It plans to actively adjust its business strategies and models in Singapore and Malaysia within a short term to achieve rapid growth, and to replicate successful models in other countries and markets.

The speech concluded with thunderous applause.

God of Fortune and EB Group employees

God of Fortune and EB Group employees

In conjunction with the celebration of Chinese New Year, the company has also invited the God of Fortune to distribute red packets and mandarin oranges to the employees as a symbol of good fortune. 

Staff Appreciation Ceremony

Staff Appreciation Ceremony

The evening continued with a staff appreciation ceremony, honouring 15 employees with Long Service Awards for their dedication spanning over a decade, with the longest-serving member boasting 21 years of service.

Best Dressing Awards

Best Dressing Awards

In a delightful display of creativity, employees adorned themselves in Bohemian attire to match the theme of the dinner. Best Dressing Awards were given to the most outstanding outfits, adding a touch of excitement to the festivities. 

To elevate the annual dinner experience, EB Group’s employees have prepared captivating dance performances, promising to make the event even more unforgettable! There were 4 groups of performances and each place walked away with fabulous cash prizes. 

In addition to the amazing lineup of performers, the annual dinner’s lucky draw session was the highlight of the night. This year, EB Group has given away 320 prizes to the employees.

EB Group would like to thank all the customers, business partners and consumers for your continuous support and love throughout the year. EB Group will continue to strive for the goals and bring the best to you. 

Wishing everyone a Happy Chinese New Year! 

May the year of the Dragon bring you scales of success, wings of joy and the best of health!