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8 Must-Have Ingredients In Your Freezer

Ingredients In Your Freezer

Having a freezer stocked up with foods and ingredients enables us to put dinner on the table quickly on a busy night. A full freezer also guarantees mealtime solutions when you’re running out of fresh items. Here are eight must-have ingredients in your freezer. These ingredients are delicious, affordable, and easy to cook. Check them out!

1. Frozen Dim Sum

Cooking Dim Sum is quite a labour-intensive and complicated process, which would require both professional and home chefs to prepare a diversity of wrappers and fillings found in a complete dish. Instead of going through all that trouble, keep frozen Dim Sum in your freezer and cook when needed. The Dim sum series of EB Food includes several kinds of dishes such as Squid Prawn Cake, Tiger Prawn Roll, Golden Crispy Prawn Cake, and more.

Golden Crispy Prawn Cake

2. Fruits and Vegetables

Having frozen fruits and veggies in your freezer offers numerous benefits. Since fruits and vegetables are picked at their prime and frozen within the shortest time possible, they retain most of their flavour and nutrients, ensuring a healthy meal for you at all times. 

Ensure that you have a range of veggies always available in your freezer, from peas to spinach and broccoli. Depending on the recipe, you may not have to thaw them before use. Fruits such as blueberries and strawberries are also must-haves in your freezer. They can be blended into smoothies for a healthy breakfast.

3. Whole-Grain Bread

Bread products like wraps and hamburger buns can freeze well. Slices of bread can go from freezer to toast without any problem. So if you find yourself with leftover bread, you can preserve it in the freezer. They are better kept in the freezer than in the refrigerator. Frozen bread doesn’t take too long to defrost—a couple of minutes will do, depending on the temperature.

4. My Daun Prawn Paste

My Daun Prawn Past can be a whole dish or a complementary ingredient. It is a must-have in your freezer. My Daun Prawn Paste is made from a big chunk of high-quality prawn meat. As you bury your teeth into this delicious meal, you get a smooth and crunchy texture with a preserved prawn taste. My Daun Prawn Paste can be cooked frozen. As you remove it from the freezer, it can be cooked in your favourite soup without thawing. Best served with instant noodles and hotpot.

MY Daun Prawn Paste (Small leaf) 130g

5. Sausages

Storing some pre-cooked or smoked sausages in your freezer means that a delicious dinner is just around the corner. Sausages defrost quickly and add a salty, smoky flavour to a simple pasta or soup meal. Many other delicious dishes can be cooked with sausages.

6. Whole-Wheat Pizza Dough

Pizza is one of the easiest meals you can cook in your kitchen using all your favourite toppings combinations. If you love pizza, having the dough always available in your freezer will ensure a faster cooking time. All you need to do is to remove the pizza dough from the freezer and allow it to thaw in the fridge 24 hours before use.

7. Soups, Stews, Chilis, or Sauces

These are the easiest freezer meals and condiments. All you need to do is heat and eat or toss with pasta. The next time you want to make soup, stew, chilli, or sauce, make a big batch so that you can preserve some in the freezer for subsequent use.

8. Dumplings

Dumplings are hearty and easy to cook — in just a couple of minutes, they are ready to be served. They taste fantastic when steamed or pan-fried. They can be served with some vegetables for dinner or added to broth and noodles to make a hearty soup. Dumplings can freeze beautifully so be sure to store them in the freezer for future use.

In a Nutshell

The above ingredients are must-haves in your freezer. Having these foods stored in your freezer will help reduce the cooking time. A tip to storing food in the freezer is to store it when it’s still in excellent condition. The intent is to keep the food at its best instead of freezing it as it’s about to go off. For more freezer favourites, feel free to explore our wide range of products. Happy cooking!